Jacopo Brogioni was born in Rome on the 26th May 1990.
He is a still photographer who collaborated with the most important Italian Production firms like Indigo, Enemol, Palomar and Lux.
A travel-addicted who takes advantage of every occasion, not only professional, to explore the world, getting in touch with diverse cultures and social structures that could not be more different.
For him every journey is a project and every country is a set in which to encapsulate stories of day-to-day life.
His focus lies is on portraits and all that is transmitted through human expressions: all the cultural differences reflected in the eyes of every photographed individual.
His most significant travels include Cuba, Ecuador, China, Nepal and North Corea. In fact, the experience he had in Nepal is at the foundation of “Bring Back Those Colours”: project in favour of UNICEF to support the vast population hit by the earthquakes.
At only the age of 25 he boasts of numerous television set jobs; in both tv-series and movies and some prime-time tv-series on the RAI Network as well as collaborations with Raiweb.
He simultaneously brings forward the activity of Director of Photography, which brought him to work on various other projects, such as “Rooftop”; an independent web-series shown at this year’s Giffoni Film Festival.